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Paddle Boarding Maui

This morning a group of 2 nice couples from California called for paddle board rental. I got everything set up and drove to Kaanapali to meet them. They were w0ndering where they should go. There are too many spots on Maui. So I ended up staying there for about half an hour explaining to them about all the different zones. They turned out to be a real cool group that are traveling to different places together every year. Meeting interesting people is the greatest perk of what I do. It was easy to get them hyped about the good spots because Paddle boarding maui is simply pure joy. You will always meet interesting creatures swimming under your paddle board and meet new cool people that share the same passion for the ocean.

Adventures On Maui

I drove through Thousand Peaks yesterday and was reminded how cool it is to cruise around Maui and see those maui wave riders. It’s so nice to be in a place surrounded with ocean. It’s just an adventure anywhere you go. you can just rent a paddle board and go on an ocean adventure. You can also rent a longboard and get on those perfect Maui waves. While interacting with the beautiful creatures of the ocean. it is not on a rare occasion that you will run into whales, if you are on Maui during the winter. It is a very special place, it’s really easy to fall in love with this island.

Honolua Bay from above

Honolua Rentals

This morning I got a call to deliver surfboards to my favorite place to surf on Maui, Honolua Bay. My surfboard was already in the car, and I loaded two more longboards for the guys. I was happy to see the waves were pumping when I got there.  The guys were very excited, it was the first time that they ever surfed at Honolua. Now surfing Honolua is not an easy task because of how crowded it always is. But I was stoked to see that they were both experienced surfers, and could catch a lot of waves despite the crowd. Another great day for Sup N Surf Maui!

Celebration Of Life

This was a great week for Sup N Surf. I met an amazing couple out in Kaanapali that are celebrating their 50th anniversary. they wanted to rent paddle boards for their vacation. then they asked if I can tell them where they should go. they were in their 70’s but seemed very active and were really nice. So I decided to take them and show them around. we went to Puamana and Thousand Peaks in Lahaina area, and both places had waves too big for the couple on that day.

So we went all the way to Kihei side of the Island and found a great zone with no people close to Wailea. I helped them launch the boards into the water and paddled around with them for about half an hour until I had to go and do another delivery. this guys were enjoying every moment of it and were way more adventurers than I’ll ever be, simply loved seeing that.

The Easy Ways of Sup N Surf Maui

Today I was more than happy to help out a family of 4 with paddle-boards, and directions of where are the good places to go. It can be frustrating Looking for the right gear for your vacation. Arriving at maui and in need for surfboard rental, Maui surf lessons, sup rentals or maybe even paddle boarding tours, wether you are at Lahaina beach, Kaanapali surf zones or wanna SUP kihei just give us a call at Sup N Surf Maui. And we will get you sup surfing Maui in no time.

beach in hawaii

Dangerous Fun

Driving down to the Lahaina this morning. I couldn’t help but notice a dangerous situation when I drove pass Lanioupoko. It was a paddle boarder in his 40’s, surfing directly towards a little girl on a surfboard. I had to pull over and see if that girl made it out okay, and lucky enough she did. But it could have ended badly. It is never a bad thing to be scared of surfing around people if you lack the confidence and experience to do so.

I always try to explain anyone that rents boards how dangerous it can be out there, and that they should pay attention to their surroundings when out surfing. That doesn’t mean you be afraid to go out, the act of surfing or paddling around beautiful Maui beaches, is always rewarding. But you can never be safe enough, and for that reason you should always be alert out there. Your paddle board is a tool for a great time and I’m always happy to teach how to use it in the safest way. So don’t be afraid to give us a call with any concern or request.

Kihei’s good times

Today we were Paddle boarding Kihei. Seeing the beautiful views of North Kihei, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Maalaea and some of Molokai. It’s always an amazing experience. What’s also nice is, that if you just randomly found yourself on Kihei side, it is always really easy to find a Sup rental or Surfboard rental. And paddle out and make that situation much more exciting. Some say Kihei is the best place to sup on Maui. But I think all places on Maui has their own magic.

Lahaina Board Rentals

Yesterday was a great day at Lanioupoko. Some of my Favorite days are launiupoko surfing days. And to be able to go there while doing a maui paddle board rental is pretty nice. Sometimes guys are not sure what are the conditions like and are not prepared. So it’s nice to know that there are good Lahaina sup rental spots. And also good places for surfboard rentals in Lahaina Maui. We definitely love it on that side of the island.

Life Of A Renter

I met a nice lady from san diego a couple of days ago. She runs a surfboard rental at san diego, and we chatted a little.  We found out that we have a lot in common. We have also been both very appreciative of the cool service of board rentals nowadays, almost anywhere on the planet.

Anywhere I travel to, I always look for the best surfboard rental and sup rental places in the area. Coming from Maui really makes you spoiled about your boards. There are some awesome Maui surfboard rental and Maui sup rental places and services. Some of them are right at a cool surf spot. Some are just in front of perfect calm waters. And some will bring the boards all the way to the beach like Sup N Surf Maui for instance. Every board rental place on Maui has its own mojo. And it’s nice to know that there always someone that will help out with boards when you’re on a vacation.

Two girls sitting on a paddle board

A Random Situation

While dropping off two Paddle Board rental in Kihei the other day, I Met a very enthusiastic person. He was asking me where are the best places to stand up paddle board, and surf. I love passing on the knowledge I have on Maui surf and paddle spots. I told him all about the different places which I believed was right for his level (intermediate). After a long talk I realized that he doesn’t have a board. Now I’m not sure about that, but it felt like he was actually testing me to see if I can be helpful enough for him and his family. He then said, that he would like to rent 3 surfable paddle boards for him, his wife, and his kid. It was such a cool situation and we both were happy to have met each other. So if you’re looking for a surfboard or paddle board rental in maui. Look no further, we have it all and we will deliver and pick up at your door step with Aloha. Give us a call or make your reservations at the order now page.


Paddle Boarding Lahaina

I Love paddling and finding quiet zones at Lahaina beach. On flat days you can paddle all along that coast. On days with good waves you can surf or see some of the world best surfers out ripping the waves. When looking for paddle board rental and longboard rental you’re always in for a treat cruising around town. the beautiful beaches and nice people of Lahaina makes the experience very welcoming and memorable. Many times I find myself strolling into one of the ocean front restaurants after a long surf session, to finish a sunny day with a cold brew and a warm sunset view.


Surf N Lessons

Yesterday a nice couple had 2 longboard rentals for a week. The guy Adam knew how to surf but Sara, the girl did not. They were asking me about surf lessons and I directed them to my friend Tyler Larronde who is a surf teacher and also one of the best big waves surfers. I also told them the story of how my girlfriend learned how to surf. When we first arrived to maui my girlfriend wanted to learn how to surf. Looking for Maui surf lessons was not hard. We found a great place for her to learn how to surf at kaanapali beach. The instructors were very nice and I added my advice after.

All of that definitely thought her how to do it right away, and she still to this day is using a couple of the things she learned back then.

Dad with two kids on paddle board

The Morning After The Storm

The morning after the storm I got a call from a couple, wanting to do a tour at Lahaina. When I got there, they said that they have never tried paddle boarding yet. We hung out on the beach for a bit and I taught them all they need to know before paddling out. We paddled around for a couple hours. It was nice and glassy and we even saw some whales in the distance. The tour ended and they were just so stoked of how easy it was for them.

And I thought about it, and it really is a great thing to have a service like ours. Because you’re on a vacation trying to find surf shops wasting your precious vacation time. It can be a hassle, so it’s pretty cool having someone bring the equipment you need right to you, and take you out on a tour, at a location convenient to you, and your family.



Easily Delivered

Yesterday I delivered a paddle board rental at Kahana Maui. It was a nice couple from TorontoI that just landed and was looking online how to rent a paddle board on Maui. When they found my website they really loved seeing that the paddle boards can be delivered all the way to them, and were very appreciative of that fact. I love how easy it is nowadays to find exactly what you need and pretty damn fast. The internet has made life easier in so many ways.