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A Random Situation

While dropping off two Paddle Board rental in Kihei the other day, I Met a very enthusaistic person. He was asking me where are the best places to stand up paddle board, and surf. I love passing on the knowledge I have on Maui surf and paddle spots. I told him all about the different places which I believed was right for his level (intermediate). After a long talk I realized that he doesn’t have a board. Now I’m not sure about that, but it felt like he was actually testing me to see if I can be helpful enough for him and his family. He then said, that he would like to rent 3 surfable paddle boards for him, his wife, and his kid. It was such a cool situation and we both were happy to have met each other. So if you’re looking for a surfboard or paddle board rental in maui. Look no further, we have it all and we will deliver and pick up at your door step with Aloha. Give us a call or make your reservations at the order now page.