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Dangerous Fun

Driving down to the Lahaina this morning. I couldn’t help but notice a dangerous situation when I drove pass Lanioupoko. It was a paddle boarder in his 40’s, surfing directly towards a little girl on a surfboard. I had to pull over and see if that girl made it out okay, and lucky enough she did. But it could have ended badly. It is never a bad thing to be scared of surfing around people if you lack the confidence and experience to do so.

I always try to explain anyone that rents boards how dangerous it can be out there, and that they should pay attention to their surroundings when out surfing. That doesn’t mean you be afraid to go out, the act of surfing or paddling around beautiful Maui beaches, is always rewarding. But you can never be safe enough, and for that reason you should always be alert out there. Your paddle board is a tool for a great time and I’m always happy to teach how to use it in the safest way. So don’t be afraid to give us a call with any concern or request.