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I met a nice lady from san diego a couple of days ago. She runs a surfboard rental in san diego, and we chatted a little.  We found out that we have a lot in common. We have also been both very appreciative of the cool service of board rentals nowadays, almost anywhere on the planet.

Anywhere I travel to, I always look for the best surfboard rental and sup rental places in the area. Coming from Maui really makes you spoiled about your boards. There are some awesome Maui surfboard rental and Maui sup rental places and services. Some of them are right at a cool surf spot. Some are just in front of perfect calm waters. And some will bring the boards all the way to the beach like Sup N Surf Maui for instance. Every board rental place on Maui has its own mojo. And it’s nice to know that there always someone that will help out with boards when you’re on a vacation.