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Surf Spots Of Maui

Maui surf map
maui surf

Big Left (Intermediated-Pro)

Northeast facing -Left Hander

I really like this wave because it breaks perfectly and long on almost any size of swell, unless it’s windy and then it’s not surfable. Big left is Located at Waiehu. A pretty localized spot unless it’s uncrowded, but still amazing to watch.

Lahaina breakwall surf

Breakwall (Beginner-Advanced)

South Facing – Breaks Left And Right

Located right out front of the Lahaina Breakwall is this amazing spot. Mainly breaks left but there is a area on the inside where little right handers break, that are perfect for learning. Big or small you can always ride that inside zone. When it’s a big south swell day this wave is a perfect long left hander, one of the most fun and satisfying waves to ride. Usually very crowded but in a 2 hour session you will catch your fair share of waves.

Honolua Bay from above

Honolua Bay

North-West facing – Right Hander

Maui’s world class wave. This spot turns on at its best, on a North-West swell. A perfect long right hand wave which is very gnarly when it’s big, but also the most amazing forgiving experience for any surfer, beginner-pro when it’s head high or less.

k harbor

Kahului Harbor (Beginner-Pro)

North-West facing – Breaks Left and Right

It may sound like a place to dock boats but it actually docks the longest left break on Maui, in the rare occasion when the swell is just right. But even when it’s not a perfect angle swell for that left to break there are 2 other breaks that work, either way the swell has to be really big for it to get in to the harbor. And they are both a lotta fun. Looks crowded but there is plenty of waves for everyone. Easy to get in and out and can be a long paddle.

Lahaina harbor surf

Lahaina Harbor (Intermediate-Advanced)

South Facing – Breaks Left And Right

One of the coolest surf spots on Maui, since it is breaking, small or big, almost every day of the year. Located in the heart of Lahaina, to the right of the breakwall when looking out to the ocean. One of the most fun to ride waves on Maui, only that it is usually packed with little groms, and unless you’re a pro it’s really hard to get waves on a good day. Worry not though, Lahaina area is full of wonderful surf spots.

maui paddle boarding

La Perouse (advanced-pro)

South Facing – Left Hander

The reason I call it an “Advanced-Pro” wave is the fact that it’s breaking right out front of sharp lava rocks and only good when it’s head high+. To top that off it’s a half mile walk to get there. But really a wonderful left hander, I would even call it world class.

freight train surf

Maalaea AKA “Fright Train” (Advanced-Pro)

South Facing – Right Hander

Maalaea AKA “Fright Train” (Advanced-Pro)

It is said to be the fastest wave in the world. Exactly next to Maalaea harbor is this amazing wave. Usually pretty darn crowded when it’s good but on top of it being so fast, it is also very long, so there are a few different take off spots, which lightens the worry about the crowd.

Surfer at Olowalu

Olowalu (Beginner-Pro)

South facing – Breaks Left And Right

Olowalu is located a minute pass Leoda’s bakery, when coming from Maalaea side. With a easy water access and fun mellow waves, that breaks on three different spots, this wave becomes an absolute fun!. It’s usually pretty crowded, but everyone gets their fare share of waves. You can bring a cooler with some drinks and food and spend a whole day right there on the beach in front of the break, which is also where you’d park your car when surfing there. Works best on a South swell.

Paia Bay (Beginner-Pro)

North facing – Breaks Left And Right

Paia Bay is located in Paia town. It is a beginner spot on a small to medium size day, and a more advanced level spot on a big day. The breaks are spread out which makes it a nice fun wave usually, with a pretty cool crowd.

puamana beach

Puamana (Beginner)

South facing – Right Hander

Puamana is the last beach before Lahaina when coming from the East. There is a beach park and easy sandy access to the water. It is a mellow spot, wave wise and crowd wise. I would rather have a Longboard with me when surfing there. Works best on a South swell.

Tavares bay

Tavares Bay (Beginner-Pro)

North facing – Breaks Left And Right

Tavares is located on the north shore. It is the first beach park on the left after you go pass Paia Town, when coming from Kahului. The waves here are a delight, but the crowd isn’t. I like to stay away if I see more then 7-8 people in the water. Works best on a 6-8 ft North West. Don’t be scared of the size tho, it firstly breaks on the outer reefs and by the time it hits the bay it comes down to 3-4 ft (head high) at most.

Koki Beach

Koki Beach (Beginner-Pro)

East facing – Breaks Left And Right

Located in Hana About a minute drive from Hamoa Beach. A perfect water access with sandy bottom (one of the only ones on Maui). Because of trade winds which generate a wind swell, this spot breaks almost every day of the year. As a beginner the white water is always rideable on the inside zone if it’s big out, or surf the face of the wave on smaller days. really fun place to spend the day surfing and hanging out at the beach with the family.

Sandpiles Waiehu

Sandpiles (Beginner-Pro)

East facing – Breaks Left And Right

At the very end of Waiehu beach rd is this cool fun spot. It breaks best on no wind days with a East or a big North swells. Can get kinda crowded, but it is well spread out and everyone can get plenty of waves. The water access is a bit shallow, it is best to take it step by step and slowly get in and out.

paddle board maui

Shark Pit (Beginner-pro)

South facing – Left and right handers

Shark pit is located at the heart of Lahaina hidden behind houses, with a ally that leads to it. The left is the better break out there but the right is also a lotta fun. Usually breaks during the summer days when the swells are coming from the south. Really crowded if it’s good, but I’ve gotten lucky and got it good with no one out.

Surf sidewalks maui

Sidewalks (Intermediate-Pro)

Southwest Facing – Left Hander

At the beginning of Wailea,hiding behind hotels and vacation rentals is this cool spot. Since it rarely breaks it is usually very crowded. But still a really fun wave. Needs a really big west swell or a perfect angle southwest.

maui surf spot

S-Turns (Beginner-Pro)

West facing -Breaks Left and Right

Located at Lower Honopi’ilani rd is this cool point break. It needs a NNW/NW/NWW swell for it to break. Fits every level of surfer. Can be found uncrowded on good days but can also be found very crowded on not so great days, So it is a matter of luck and timing with this spot. Best in the morning before the wind peaks up or all day if it’s not windy.