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Top 15 Things To Take To The Beach In Hawaii


So, the sun is always out and you’re getting ready to pack your family and head out to the beach. But as many of us usually do, we find our zone at the beach, place our towels, and come to realize that we forgot a thing or two at home. Don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us, keep calm because we created a list that will help remember to be fully prepared for the beach:


The average adult requires 8 full glasses of water each day as recommended by doctors everywhere. This number grows when spending time out in the hot sun. Be safe and take a gallon of water and then 2 more bottles. By having those extra bottles you can have cold water without taking up space in your cooler, and just refill those with your gallon.


No one ever said no to a cold drink, or some fresh chilled fruit on a hot sunny day at the beach. A good size cooler can store all the necessities and more.

A Fitting Sunscreen

We usually remember to bring sunscreen, but it just doesn’t always get the job done, and we still end up sunburnt. Find out what SPF works best for your skin and doesn’t hurt the fragile reef.


Keep the family protected from direct sunlight during all those hours in the sun. Don’t forget that the sun doesn’t only hit from above but also through the reflection on the sand and water.

A Whistle

The beach is a fun place but it sometimes can get dangerous. If your kids like to play and run around by themselves, and you don’t wanna stop them from doing so (after all it is a fun day at the beach and you want to let everyone enjoy it). You can feel safe by giving each kid a whistle. And teach them to use it in case of an emergency.


A blanket is the perfect solution for keeping your stuff and everyone not completely sandy, instead of sitting on a towel which you will want to use to dry off. Plus a blanket is larger and can fit more people, and also heavier so the chances of it flying off are smaller.

Extra Clothes

It is absolutely the worst feeling being half wet in the car the whole drive home. An extra pair of shorts will keep those sits dry for a drive to dinner later that evening, and will keep everyone comfortable.

Beach Chairs

It’s always nicer having a chair to feel completely relaxed at the beach without having to worry about sand in unwanted areas.

Beach Games

Take Frisbees, Body Boards, a ball and any other games that the whole family can participate. Just remember to be a nice neighbor to the other beach goers.

Reading Material

Sometimes it feels the best to just relax and sink into a nice book between swims.

First Aid Kit

Anything can happen, and you can never be prepared enough. a small cut can be annoying or worse, get infected if not taken care of right away. be safe with a well packed kit.


How many times have you came across a distant dot out in the horizon. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take a peak through a long lens and figure out what it is. Pack a pair of nice binoculars you won’t regret it.


That sand tend to get so hot, and almost unbearable to stand on. Plus you never know if there is broken glass, or a sharp Keawe  thorn. A pair of flip flops is a smart item to take.


For most of us it is an obvious beach accessory. But for those who don’t usually wear sunglasses, be sure to take a pair to the beach. You only have one pair of eyes take good care of them.

Snorkel Set

A very important item in Hawaiian Beaches. The underwater life is marvelous. That is to say, you never know what adventure you might run into when you’re exploring the reefs.

So don’t forget to have a check list before you leave the house, and make the most out of your beach day.